1. Change

Written By:
(Dana Jorgenson, Jason Tucker, Ryan Sutton)


I wanna live for so much more
I know I've said it a thousand times before
I’m past the point of barely getting by
I’m not content with second best,
with half a heart beating in my chest
I'd trade it all just to feel alive

cuz I've seen the wonders of
who you are and what you've done

I'm never going back to the way things were
Every time I do it always hurts
Things are gonna change
Things are gonna change...
cuz you've changed me

So I'll run with all I have,
your fire burning in my chest,
every step every breath for you

Cause love's overtaken me
You’re all I want and you’re all I need...

Everybody wants to find the cure,
where we can be loved just the way we are
Beaten, broken and in repair
This love's right here it finds us anywhere!