From David:

I think it is safe to say that God "invaded my heart"  and gave me a dream to write new songs with a different angle than before. My dream was to write and record a "Soundtrack for Recovery". And then get out there and give it away to everyone that we could possibly find that needed it. 

I hadn't been able to find much music out there that was created with recovery folks in mind, and felt a strong urge to take on the challenge myself. 

Well God definitely honored this dream and the effort to bring it to reality!  After many prayers and lots of soul searching, I started writing… with no idea of how it would turn out. 

The first song I wrote set the tone for the whole project and then it felt like God really leaned in with me and started confirming this dream when a handful of unbelievably talented and great people started showing up to help me with writing, recording, instrumentation, artwork, photography, video work, etc... in short, people that I would have never imagined working with were compelled to help!! 

In my discussions with them all, it became evident that they wanted to help because they could all relate to the goals of this project and they felt like there was a calling for them to be part of this vision. 

I learned, through this journey, that EVERYONE is in recovery from some sort of hurt, habit or hang-up… so I guess this record is more like a soundtrack for the human journey!! 

I pray that, through this project, I will have the ability to relate to people in a new way... meeting them right where they are in their journey. I believe that this project will provide a new way to encourage people and point them at Jesus… because He is the only one that can truly help us all recover!