David is booking for a number different scenarios, depending on the size of the group that he will be serving, the budget of the team that will be hosting and what fits best into the scenario.   

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  • This option includes David with his full band (drums, bass, electric guitars) ... Essentially, the full "show".   
  • There are some significant audio and logistic requirements for this option and these items will be detailed in the contract "rider"   .... click here to see a sample tech rider      
    • Professional PA System (Amplifiers, Speakers)  
    • Professional Mixing Console (Avid SC48/Venue/Profile Preferred)
    • Professional Lighting Rig and Console
    • Stage Setup (Appropriate Sizing for drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and lead vocal)  
    • Setup and sound check time: minimum 90min prior to audience arrival.   


  • This option fits better into a smaller audience size or with groups that would like a full band experience with a little less budget impact.   
  • For the acoustic band, David would be accompanied by a second acoustic guitar player and a percussionist ... This option provides a full band experience with a more "down home country" vibe       
  • Requirements are similar to the full band but smaller:  
    • Small PA System - David can provide for a small fee.   
    • Stage arrangement for percussion and two acoustic guitars.   
    • Setup and Soundcheck time: minimum 90min prior to audience arrival  


  • This option is David, solo with an acoustic guitar.   
  • David will share his music and testimony freely without any additional band members and we have the ability to supply everything needed for an event with less than 100 people in attendance.   
  • For this option, David only needs a reliable power outlet and people who would like to hear from him.