Written By: David Upton, Keith Everette Smith, Riley Thomas


Broken bottle laying in my hand
what have I got to lose
I tried to swallow everything I can
to stir up my excuse

I can't wash this old blood off my hands
it's been here far too long
I fear tomorrow may be my last dance...
could this be my last song

Is this whiskey soaked revival
or me and my bible right now?

Woah ... let it flow ... fill my soul
oh Lord, revive me
Woah ... let it flow ... fill my soul
oh Lord, refine me

All these old lies running through my mind
but the writing on my heart took them away
Tell the Devil he can pass on by...
Ain't got time for yesterday

No more whiskey soaked revival
it's just me and my bible singing....

Don't need you to walk on water
My eyes already see
that your blood flowed to pay my debt and cover me
One drop for each transgression,
all the many sins now clean
Mercy rushes to my soul
and I am free

I own this struggle till my last day
and from this book right here, one thing I know
You’re right beside me, you wont turn away
I'm never alone
I’m never alone
I’m never alone