1. House is Clean

Written By: David Upton, Brian White, Keith Everette Smith


I know what's waiting behind those doors
all the things that I've tried to ignore
I've locked ‘em up ... good and tight
think I'll just kick ‘em all in tonight

I'll go through each door one by one
the who I've been the things I've done
Drag all my past right out to the curb
I'll strike a match and just watch it burn

Dancing in the ashes of these broken down boxes
cuz I know
I know
Oh I'm finally letting go
I'm gonna find out who I was meant to be....
when this house is clean
I let the guilt become my best friend
it hides back in that dark room with all my loose ends
pull back those curtains and let love shine
it's time I do more than just survive...

My heart's wide open, I'm still broken
I'm not scared ... of who I was
of who I am or who I'm meant to be...

When this house is clean