Written By: Keith Urban, Paul Jefferson


It's just a piece of paper, it says 'In God We Trust',
A little sure felt good,
But a lot was not enough
And everybody loved me when I was on a roll
And I thought I had everything
When I held the gold

But you're not my god,
And you're not my friend
You're not the one that I will walk with in the end
You're not the truth,
You're a temporary shot
You ruin people's lives and you don't give a second thought
You're not my god

Little white lies on a mirror,
Cut neatly in a row
The medicine that kept me
from lookin' in my soul
I thought you were the answer
to all of my despair
You almost had me six feet down
but I'm still breathin' air...

From the cradle to the grave,
temptations all around
But no matter how good the fix,
it's gonna take you down
Now some call it a weakness,
some call it a sin
But it's all the same behind each game
I see your evil grin...