Written By: Michael Farren, Keith Everette Smith, Caleb Sunnock, Caleb Copeland, Adam McDorman, Andy Butcher


For every broken heart
That's hiding in the dark
Buried under all your guilt and shame
You've got a past that won't let go
Oh it haunt's you like a ghost
When you gonna learn that you can't run away?

One day you'll run out of road
and find you've got no place left to go

I'll keep the light on
Every mile that you may roam
I'll still be right here to watch and pray
till you finally know the truth
I will wait right here for you
I know one day Love will bring you home
I'll keep the light on
I'll keep the light on

I know you think you've done too much
Made choices that can't be undone
You gave up a long time ago
God's mercy is always enough
It's right there if you'd just reach up
I can tell ya without a doubt that there's still hope
It don't matter where you're at
It's just one prayer and one step back...

Don’t you think it’s time to come on home
Don’t you think it’s time to come on home
Time’s running out, it’s time to come back home
Come on home